City Director Kenneth Richardson has sent me the latest draft of his idea for a Little Rock ordinance to discourage misdemeanor marijuana arrests.

Law enforcement officials have looked askance at a city effort to limit their enforcement discretion. And I’d predict resistance on the city board, too.


But other cities have moved in this direction.

His proposal has this objective:


To make investigations, citations, arrests, and property seizures for adult misdemeanor marijuana offenses, where the possession, distribution or use of marijuana was intended only for adult use, the lowest law enforcement and prosecutorial priority within the City;

To transmit notification of this enactment of this ordinance to all state and federal elected officials who are directly elected from all or a portion of the corporate limits of the City

For discussion, here’s the latest draft.

The police department recently compiled these statistics on activities in Little Rock;


Since Jan. 1, 2017, there have been 433 reports of possession of marijuana in the city, both misdemeanor and felony level violations. During that same time period, there were 11,894 misdemeanor and felony arrests of all descriptions.