With primaries out of the way, the general election process begins, including debate challenges — typically proposed first by those challenging incumbents and often ignored by incumbents loathe to give free time to opponents.

Here’s one. Josh Mahony of Fayetteville, the Democratic nominee for 3rd District Congress, has called on Republican Rep. Steve Womack to participate in a series of debates.


“Congressman Womack has not had a Democratic opponent since 2010, so he hasn’t had the opportunity to debate the issues that face our district and our nation,” said Mahony. “That is why I’m challenging Congressman Womack to a series of 6 debates, one a month, up until November so voters can hear directly from the candidates. These debates will give voters an opportunity to hear about our values, discover where we differ, and learn about what we hope to accomplish for the people of the 3rd Congressional District. I hope Congressman Womack will give the voters what they deserve – real debates on the issues.”

The Mahony campaign sent the proposal to Womack’s campaign by e-mail. No response indicated as yet. I’d predict a cool response.



“Representative Womack has participated in debates each year he has run for federal office and looks forward to doing so again with you and all of the legally-qualified Third District of Arkansas candidates at AETN’s official debate in October. “