The latest in the reality show presidency is Donald Trump’s rebuke of historic U.S. allies, concurrent with aggressive defense and even additional support of Russia.

We have gone down the rabbit hole. Deadly in the case of another Trump action abetted by Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge.


In case you missed it:

* Trump repudiates G-7 statement.


* European leaders outraged.

Meanwhile, the awful sight of children being taken by force from parents at U.S. borders when hoping for asylum.


By the way, this is a thorough explanation of the dairy issue that Trump is using to justify a trade war with Canada.

And in other horrors: The rest of the media is picking up on a disaster in the making — the Trump administration’s intention to end required health insurance coverage of pre-existing conditions. Have a sick loved one? Hug them close. Their time may be shorter thanks to Trump. Please note that Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge is a key player in the lawsuit aimed at bringing this about.