"LIKES" Screen shot from Leslie Rutledge's Twitter account gives seal of approval for Justice Courtney Goodson.

Arkansas voters have a difficult choice in the race in November for Supreme Court justice — incumbent Courtney Goodson or David Sterling, who’s using a state job at DHS (wouldn’t you like to see his leave records) to run for the office by making the rounds of Republican gatherings. Goodson has her own Republican ties.

When a sitting justice pays a courtesy call to the state’s departing top litigator, Lee Rudofsky, who’s slavishly carried out Attorney General Leslie Rutledge’s Republican agenda (strip women of medical rights, foul the air and water, put Planned Parenthood out of business, promote school segregation, promote guns everywhere, defend the religification of government) it is meant to send a message.


And Rutledge’s “liking” of Goodson’s Tweet tells us plenty (as does Goodson’s use of Republican campaign consultants).

Of course Rutledge has a reason to oppose Sterling. He opposed her for attorney general in 2014 backed by some truly slimy dark money. But the slime made the transition to Rutledge when she faced Democrat Nate Steel in the general election.


There’s a phrase for voters’ dilemma:

Hobson’s choice.