DON'T DO THIS: Entergy distributed this photo on Twitter today to make the point that Bradford pear trees shouldn't be planted near power lines. Entergy Arkansas

Power crews are working to restore service in big chunks of Little Rock hit by last night’s storms and city crews have tree removal work galore. But other life goes on for this open line.

Republicans convened in Benton today to cheer continuation of their grip on political power in Arkansas.  A keynote celebrant was the infamous  Corey “Womp, Womp” Lewandowski, about whom enough said.


And campaigners were on the streets, including an encouraging number from a more progressive portion of the spectrum. This Tweet from a Litle Rock campaigner is but the latest in what seems to be growing evidence of overt racism in society that  I believe Donald Trump has encouraged.

The candidate and neighborhood really don’t matter, the racism does, but I believe it was a nonpartisan campaign effort.


There’s a meter reader of color in my neighborhood and I’ve often wondered what stories he could tell. I’m not sure I”d like to hear them. Perhaps even thinking of this is a bad reflection on me.