Bridget Putt of Cabot has won $1 million in the Arkansas Lottery’s Play It Again drawing.

About a third of the sum will be withheld for state and federal income taxes.


From the lottery’s release:

Putt said she hasn’t bought many scratch-off tickets lately because she was broke.


“But I’m not broke now!” she exclaimed. When asked what it feels like to be a millionaire, Putt said she doesn’t know yet, because it hasn’t really sunk in.

Putt said she hadn’t had a car in six years until about a month ago when she bought a car for $500. Now she plans to buy a new car and to travel some.

“I want to go see my brother in Florida,” she said.

The million-dollar winner and her 13-year-old son have been living with her parents, but now plan to move out. Her mother laughingly said she was looking forward to an empty nest.