Sarah Huckabee Sanders says she has no plans to depart but Politico reports that a list of potential replacements is shaping up for Donald Trump’s press secretary. After her performance yesterday, it can’t come too soon.

It was a tour de force news briefing yesterday, if you are a fan of lying liars.


* Making “baseless accusation” about Russians is unacceptable, she said, though the record is full of well-grounded accusations about Russian involvement in elections and dealing with Trump players. But also: It came from a spokesman for the man who crusaded against Barack Obama for years on baseless birther nonsense.

* She said Democratic Senate resistance to meeting with Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh was “unprecedented.” She’s apparently never heard of Merrick Garland.


* She said: “The president doesn’t like the fact that people are politicizing agencies and departments.” Really. Where to begin with departments being politicized, notably Engery and Interior and Education and, welll, you get the idea.

* In talking of the former Obama administration officials targeted for potential loss of security clearance (in a seemingly scripted response to a planted question from a right-wing reporter), she mentioned  their “monetizing” of their position. This from a mouthpiece for a man who’s monetized the presidency.


If the Huckster spawn had a soul, she’s sold it. Of course, expecting a different approach from anyone working for Trump is also wishful thinking.