MONEY PIT: When it's time for extraordinary pay raises at UA, football gets heavy attention.

The University of Arkansas Board of Trustees recently approved a round of campus pay raises in excess of line-item maximums allowed by law and, as ever, attention was focused on athletics at the Fayetteville campus.

Separate resolutions adopted by the Board:


* Approved pay for three faculty members of the Division of Agriculture: $230,175 for department chair Lalit Verma; $220,319 for distinguished professor Rodolfo Nayga and $185,000 for professor Jason Norsworthy.

* Approved pay of $320,833 for UA-Little Rock’s new  basketball coach, Darrell Walker.


* And then there was UA-Fayetteville, where a list of more than 80 pay raises were approved, nearly all of them in the athletic department, ranging from pay of $71,000 for an assistant trainer to $3.35 million (including potential post-season bonuses) for basketball coach Mike Anderson and $5.2 million for football coach Chad Morris, with dozens of six-figure men and women in-between.

You can see the full list here.


There’s nary a poet or history prof on the list. None of them apparently merited departure from statutes. A few non-athletic bigshots did get consideration.

There was Provost James Coleman at $315,000 plus a $12,000 car allowance; Chancellor Emeritus and Professor G. David Geahart at $283,591, and Stacy Leeds, vice chancellor at $315,577 and $12,000 car allowance. Deans of the law school and school of architecture, a vice provost, dean of the graduate school, a vice chancellor for finance, another for student affairs, and the Fulbirght College Dean also got special consideration. None of these cracked the $300,000 level, however. That’s chump change for assistant football coaches, seven of whom are listed at more than $400,000, topping out at $1.1 million for defensive coordinator John Chavis. (Again the coach pay levels include potential bonuses for winning seasons and, so, probably are unlikely to be maximized this year.) No bonuses are anticipated for any of the handful of academic and administrative figures getting consideration.

Football dominates the list of pay raises, as you’ll see, but it was spread throughut the department from track and field to volleyball and softball. The head strength and conditioning coach, Trumain Carroll, was approved for pay up to $386,667.