The Arkansas State Chamber of Commerce — or more precisely its director Randy Zook as head of the chamber puppet pro-Issue One committee — filed a motion today to intervene in the lawsuit that says the amendment should be removed from the ballot for unconstitutionally offering up four separate amendments rather than a single issue and upending the balance of power of Arkansas government.

A hearing is set on the taxpayer suit Thursday. It says the legislature — with an amendment written by big business, nursing homes and health care industry — is trying to pull a fast one on voters with a mashup of limits on damages for people injured by corporate negligence and malpractice; a limit on attorney fees; transfer of rule-making authority from the Supreme Court to the legislature, and other changes that essentially end of three-part government and a right to jury trial for civil wrongs.


In short, the chamber says it’s all good and they have a right to be heard as a major mover behind the legislative resolution that put the measure on the ballot and as a major player in the multi-million-dollar campaign to protect chamber members from lawsuits. The committee, Arkansans for Jobs and Justice, reported having raised $1.5 million in its most recent report but it and allied interest groups — nursing homes and health care, particularly — will be spending much, much more.

Here’s their motion to intervene.


The motion to intervene was filed by two of the state’s biggest law firms, the Friday firm and the Wright firm.