Here’s some positive news from Share Blue:
The youth-backed campaign against the NRA  seems to be having an impact.


The NRA admitted in a recent court filing that it’s hurting financially thanks to activism by the teenage survivors of the Parkland school massacre. And the financial blow is severe enough that the gun extremist group’s propaganda outlet, NRA TV, might be forced to shut down. 

The NRA is in a lawsuit with New York state claiming that state actions have made it difficult to get liability insurance. Gov. Andrew Cuomo ordered the financial services department to urge insurance and financial companies to evaluate relationships with the NRA and consider whether ties to the NRA harm their reputations or jeopardize public safety.

This follows a push for just such action by participants in the March for Our Lives movement that grew up from the Florida high school slaughter.


New York also handed out $8 million in fines against Chubb and Lockton Affinity, insurance companies that soon stopped doing business with the NRA. The companies previously underwrote the NRA “Carry Guard” program, which was supposed to cover legal fees and liabilities stemming from self-defense shootings.

The NRA was reportedly relying on the money from the insurance program to help make up for revenue it would no longer be able to bring in with Trump in the White House as its ally.

The activism, the article concludes, makes the NRA toxic. March on, young people.