What better topic for the open line than Donald Trump’s latest racist outburst — against philanthropist and superstar LeBron James — and a rejoinder in support of James from Melania Trump.

James has been getting a lot of attention for his investment in helping at-risk kids in his hometown of Akron. That led to an interview with Don Lemon on CNN. Both are black. Neither are Trump promoters. So: 


Trump immediately got taken to the cleaners on social media.  Example:

LeBron James builds schools for children.

Donald Trump builds cages.



LeBron James donated millions to pay for kids’ college.

Donald Trump had to pay $25 million for defrauding kids who went to his college.

And so on. But then Trump’s wife pitched in, as reported by Jonathan Lemire of AP;

Michael Jordan, used by Trump to dis James, also issued a statement.


“I support L.J.,” Jordan told NBC News through his spokesperson. “He’s doing an amazing job for his community.”

And the reality presidency rolls on. FLOTUS would do a more empathetic job, no doubt, but as an alien, she’s not eligible.