COINCIDENCES: Blue Hog Report notes a number of campaign contributions to Rep. Bob Ballinger from people tied to the medical marijuana business. It so happens his law partner is on the Medical Marijuana Commission.

Matt Campbell’s Blue Hog Report has done a deep dive into fund-raising by Republican state Rep. Bob Ballinger for his campaign for state Senate. Short version: He is a law partner of Travis Story, a member of the Arkansas Medical Marijuana Commission and he’s received a ton of money from people with links to the medical marijuana business.

Blue Hog lists thousands from lobbyists for and participants in medical marijuana activities. Additionally, Blue Hog reports, cultivation permit applicants who figure in Ballinger’s campaign contributions seem to have gotten good scores from Story.


Ballinger and Story have insisted they have clean hands and would never be improperly influenced in these matters.

Blue Hog has written before about Ballinger’s private work and potential relationships with public business.