Circuit Judge Wendell Griffen says Brent Standridge, appointed to investigate Griffen’s ethics complaint against the Arkansas Supreme Court, has taken no action and should be replaced.

Griffen said a special counsel investigating the Supreme Court’s complaint against Griffen for death penalty protests outside court has moved ahead vigorously. But Griffen’s lawyer, MIchael Laux, wrote of work by Standridge, a Benton lawyer,


.. Mr. Standridge has gathered zero evidence to support–or even disprove–Judge Griffen’s claim. He has collected no additional documents or evidence. He has not contacted any of the Justices of the Arkansas Supreme Court. He has not interviewed them. He has not contacted or interviewed any witnesses to any of the events alleged in Judge Griffen’s JDDC complaint. This makes no sense. Today, Mr. Standridge was advised via letter that Judge Griffen will seek his removal.

Griffen has said the Supreme Court acted improperly overturning his order without a hearing and by having ex parte communications. To date, no announcements have come from Standridge’s appointment. The investigation of Griffen has led to a finding of probable cause that he violated ethical canons by giving an appearance of partiality in his actions. A hearing is set later this week Aug. 17 on motions by Griffen, in that case, to obtain communications by the Supreme Court and others in the matter.