KTHV reports in detail about the firing of an England city police officer who told two young black men they “don’t belong” in his city. He reportedly followed them around town as they made a music video. One was an England High School graduate. The two men, cousins, also have an uncle who is an England police officer.

The interaction was captured on their video camera and posted on Facebook and YouTube.


The men, Demarcus Branch and Shannon Scribner, complained to the police chief, Danna Powell, who took no action for 15 days. Then they posted the video. The firing soon followed. The KTHV report notes the officer in the case, Mike Moore, had been terminated previously by the Lonoke sheriff’s office over a “personality issue.”

The article recounts another complaint about an unwarranted police stop in England by a black former England police officer.


Speaking of why they kneel: Have you seen the story about Cincinnati police using a Taser on an 11-year-old girl suspected of shoplifting food from a Kroger? They apparently are allowed to stun children as young as 7 in Cincinnati, though not for simply running away from a stop on a misdemeanor offense. The child happened to have been black.