ANNEXATION PLANNED: On north side of Kanis, beginning at 19600 block and heading west.

The Little Rock City Board agenda next week includes a non-controversial annexation that has received unanimous assent from the Planning Commission, city staff and city agencies. But it’s worth a mention.

The proposal is to accept 180 acres owned by developer Deltic along the north side of Kanis Road, 19600 to 21200 blocks. The land is currently undeveloped. It is contiguous to the city. Says the report to the City Board:


Fiscal impact: None.

They could have added: Fees assessed on developer in anticipation of future impact — also none.

This is how Little Rock grows. We welcome annexation and charge little in the way of impact fees as some cities do (booming Bentonville, to name one). When the land is developed with perhaps hundreds of homes, the developer will be responsible for extending water lines and building subdivision streets. Maintenance of more of Kanis Road falls on the city. Treating the sewage falls on the sewer utility, sometimes with rates sufficient to handle growth, sometimes not. Police and fire will have more territory to cover farther from existing stations. The parks department will have more people to (under)serve. The city will collect an increase in the small property tax millage for the city. It’s virtually tax-free in its undeveloped state as agricultural land.


So today, no impact. Tomorrow, all hope there will be an impact. And we will hope it will be real growth, not just a shifting of people from one (decaying) part of town to another.