Chintan Desai, the Democratic candidate for 1st District Congress, just dropped by with some news: An endorsement, a debate date and a celebrity visitor for his Republican incumbent opponent, Rep. Rick Crawford.

* ENDORSEMENT: He received it from former U.S. Rep. Marion Berry, who praised the Helena educator for his travel to every county in the district, his experience in education and for the change he’d bring.


Our farmers are the unnecessary victims of this administration’s misguided trade war and our current congressman’s refusal to stand up for them is unacceptable

* DEBATE: Desai said Crawford had agreed to appear in the AETN debate in October, so he’d get at least one opportunity for a side-by-side comparison for a broad audience.

* CELEBRITY: Desai said Crawford had scheduled a fund-raiser in September in Jonesboro featuring U.S. Rep. Devin Nunes, with whom Crawford has been junketing recently in Azerbaijan. Nunes is a chief Trump apologist, but that might not be viewed as a bad thing in some parts of the 1st District.