RENT DISPUTE: Convention center shown on Heritage USA website is part of eviction suit.

The Harrison Daily Times reports
that an eviction suit has been filed against a company that had leased property above the old Dogpatch USA theme park. It alleges Heritage USA Ozarks Resort and the company owner David Hare haven’t paid the rent.

The suit was filed by Debra Nielson over a $5,500-a-month lease of a former motel, convention center, restaurant, skating rink and retail building. Nielson said Hare has continued to occupy the property without paying rent.


According to the Encyclopedia of Arkansas, inventor Bud Pelsor bought the 400 acres of the former Dogpatch USA, which closed in 1993, but gave up on his plan for an ecotourism development. He leased the land in November to Heritage USA, described as a conservative entertainment company aimed at “celebrating American exceptionalism.”.