WHO SHOT BOTHAM JEAN: Dallas police still not identifying officer who killed Jean in his own apartment, apparently mistaking his apartment for her own.

More than a day later, the facts remain cloudy about the shooting of Harding University graduate Botham Jean in his Dallas apartment by a Dallas police officer who reportedly mistakenly thought he was an intruder in her apartment. The officer, who is white, is not in custody though reports are that a manslaughter charge is expected in the death of Jean, who is black.

The situation unavoidably raises a question pertinent to the times. Suppose:


A black man enters the wrong apartment. He kills an upstanding white woman who lived there. The police don’t take the man into custody, opting to wait until the situation can be sorted out. Could ithat happen?

Maybe. We don’t know all the potential extenuating circumstances.


The Dallas Police Department’s protection of the identity of the shooter, who self-reported, is mystifying, however. Justified or not, she did it. There’s no reason for secrecy anymore than for secrecy of drivers in fatal auto accidents.