HEADLINER: Devin Nunes helped Rick Crawford raise campaign cash in Jonesboro today.

Chintan Desai, the Democratic candidate for 1st District Congress, has blasted Republican incumbent Republican Rep. Rick Crawford for dodging public meetings and having U.S. Rep. Devin Nunes to town today for a private fund-raiser. Desai slammed them both for attacking the FBI in defense of Donald Trump.

His release:


“My opponent, Representative Rick Crawford, has refused to hold public events, such as town halls, and has even refused to discuss the issues by debating me right here in our district. Today, Rep. Crawford is having an expensive, private fundraiser with Devin Nunes.

“Instead of holding events with his constituents, Rick Crawford would rather spend his time in Jonesboro with a man who has attacked our law enforcement. Earlier this year, Rick Crawford and Devin Nunes, as members of the House Intelligence Committee, released a wildly conspiratorial and partisan memo that falsely claimed that the men and women of the FBI are somehow part of some secret ‘Deep State.’ This was a blatant lie concocted to deceive the American public by undermining our faith in the men and women of law enforcement who work tirelessly to protect our country’s political institutions.
“To make matters worse, just last month, at a closed door fundraiser very much like this one, Rep. Nunes suggested that the GOP had to keep the House majority in order to protect President Trump from Robert Mueller’s investigation. Rather than being an independent check on the executive branch, Reps. Nunes and Crawford instead think it’s their job to ‘clear’ the President no matter what the investigation uncovers.

“Arkansans want an independent Congressperson who isn’t beholden to any party or President. They want a Congressperson who will actually show up, meet with them, and listen to their concerns about the direction of our country.”

Crawford’s $750-a-plate fund-raising luncheon was held at Arkansas State Universit6y but was closed to all but paying guests. Desai said Crawford had earlier refused to meet with ASU students.