Tim Dudley, attorney for former Sen. Jeremy Hutchinson on fraud and tax charges, has asked the federal court to waive conditions typically placed on criminal defendants before trial.

Hutchinson, who was indicted for fraud in using campaign money for personal purposes and not fully reporting income on federal tax returns, is set for an arraignment in federal court Sept. 18, Dudley said. He was not arrested after the indictment was released Aug. 31.


The terms of his release will be set at the arraignment.

Monday, Dudley asked that Hutchinson be released pending trial with “no conditions other than that he not commit a federal, state or local crime during the period of release.”


In an accompanying brief, Dudley said

Pretrial release in the Eastern District of Arkansas is usually accompanied by a standard set of conditions, such as that the defendant not possess a firearm, not engage in the excessive use of alcohol, and others. Defendant Jeremy Hutchinson contends that release on conditions violates the law unless the Court determines that release on personal recognizance is insufficient to reasonably assure the appearance of the defendant or that the defendant is a danger to any other person or the community. 

Dudley said he was confident there’ll be no evidence that Hutchinson is a flight risk or poses a danger to anyone.