CAMPAIGNING: When Poor campaigned for a school tax last year, he wasn't registered to vote in the election. BRIAN CHILSON

Blogger Russ Racop dug up a factoid of interest this week on Little Rock School Superintendent Mike Poore: He’s not registered to vote in Pulaski County.

Racop makes the point that Poore solicited votes for a school district millage campaign last year in which he could not vote. I’d further make the point that Little Rock has a big mayoral race coming up in which the public schools, happily, have become an important issue.


I reached Poore this morning by phone on a trip out of town. He answered directly:”He’s right. I blew it. I had time to do it.”

Poore has been busy since being appointed to lead the state-controlled district. But he said he wouldn’t use that as an excuse.


“I’m going to get registered before the next election,” he said.

This one is important. And not just for Mike Poore. If you’re not registered, register. If you are registered, vote.