Donald Trump’s rare news conference today will require epic fact checking, but his defense of Brett Kavanaugh against what he calls a Democratic “con job” likely will command most attention. He’s been accused by women. Ergo, anyone else who’s been accused, if a friend of his, must be believed.


For now, it appears the Senate Judiciary Committee will continue tomorrow by hearing only from Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford.

Here’s Kavanaugh’s statement repeating unequivocal denial of wrongdoing ever.


Here’s Ford’s statement, beginning with her terror at having to recount the night she said that Mark Judge and Brett Kavanaugh attacked her.

Three allegations of sexual assault are important. More readily provable are Kavanaugh’s multiple episodes of evasion, dishonesty and misdirection of his work as a prosecutor and White House staffer. His integrity doesn’t meet the high court standard.


One lie: Trump said the majority of women voted for him. Exit polls showed 52 percent of WHITE women voted for him. Only about 41 percent of all women.

The usual exaggeration on his academic record and that of Kavanaugh and Neil Gorsuch.