BRETT KAVANAUGH: During Fox interview.

It would appear Brett Kavanaugh and his defenders have overegged the pudding by describing him as a sober, virginal, straight-arrow more interested in studies, sports and public service than carousing in school days. The Washington Post reports:

UPDATE: Michael Avenatti has released a sworn statment from Julie Swetnick who talks of being a witness multiple times to drunken and assaultive behavior by Kavanaugh. He wants the Senate to hear from his client.


Liz Swisher, who described herself as a friend of Kavanaugh in college, said she was shocked that — in an interview focused largely on his high school years and allegations of sexual misconduct — he strongly denied drinking to the point of blacking out.

“Brett was a sloppy drunk, and I know because I drank with him. I watched him drink more than a lot of people. He’d end up slurring his words, stumbling,” said Swisher, a Democrat and chief of the gynecologic oncology division at the University of Washington School of Medicine. “There’s no medical way I can say that he was blacked out. . . . But it’s not credible for him to say that he has had no memory lapses in the nights that he drank to excess.” 


Lynne Brookes, who like Swisher was a college roommate of one of the two women now accusing Kavanaugh of misconduct, said the nominee’s comments on Fox did not match the classmate she remembered.

“He’s trying to paint himself as some kind of choir boy,” said Brookes, a Republican and former pharmaceutical executive who recalled an encounter with a drunken Kavanaugh at a fraternity event. “You can’t lie your way onto the Supreme Court, and with that statement out, he’s gone too far. It’s about the integrity of that institution.”

There it is. It’s not high school and college hijinks that are problems. It’s honesty and integrity. Kavanaugh has sown doubts in those categories. And not only about life in high school. There’s also his work for Kenneth Starr; his White House work on torture and judicial nominations, and his disavowal of knowledge of Judge Alex Kozinski’s misogynistic ways. His judicial record provides no comfort for those who might be willing to accept exaggerated character references.


This New York Times story about Renate Schroeder, a woman mocked by Kavanaugh’s circle in high school — multiple yearbook references that they now unbelievably describe as marks of respect for the woman — remains one of the saddest stories to arise from the belated examination of Kavanaugh.  Schroeder had even written in Kavanaugh’s defense, days before learning of the “horrible, hurtful” things they’d said about her in high school.

The Republican plan apparently is to make quick work of a perfunctory, shame-Christine Blasey Ford hearing Thursday and vote to confirm his nomination hours later. Speaking of character witnesses: Donald Trump has declared Ford unbelievable.


Here, by the way, is a rundown on the Arizona sex crimes prosecutor who’ll question Ford Thursday, a woman to whom majority Republicans have delegated the task.