Same song, umpteenth verse: Walton money is behind an effort to influence school policy in Massachusetts, particularly through charterization of Boston public schools. As I’ve said before, same story in Arkansas. We’re just cheaper.

Here’s a rundown of Walton ties to groups aimed at influencing things in Massaschusetts. It focuses on the new Massachusetts Education Equity Partnership (MEEP). It notes ties to groups that had tried unsuccessfully to pass pro-charter expansion in 2016. The item details various Walton ties to related groups. Then this comment:


So yes, it looks like several MEEP partners are funded by the Waltons and thus it operates at least indirectly on the Waltons behalf, which makes sense since the Walton Family Foundation has targeted Boston for its charter expansion efforts. The Waltons play the long game and they’ll never run out of money; 2016 was just a learning experience.

Money never sleeps. Follow the money.

Long game. They’ll never run out of money. Money never sleeps. Truer words were never spoken.