FREE SPEECH: Boycotts of Israel are free expression and shouldn't be punished by the state, courts have rules. ACLU

Here from the Washington Post
is a report on a federal judge’s ruling blocking an Arizona law that makes any business contracting with the state pledge that it is not engaged in boycott actvity against Israel. Arkansas has just such a law and the Arkansas ACLU has said it would be happy to sue here should a willing plaintiff emerge.

Evangelicals such as Sen. Bart Hester and Rep. Jim Dotson in Arkansas have sponsored such laws. Passed in 2017, it requires contracts to sign pledges and is in use today across Arkansas government, from universities to state agencies.


A Kansas judge has also enjoined a similar law there. The cases are important because Congress is considering legislation aimed at discouraging boycotts.

Said the judge in Arizona:


A restriction of one’s ability to participate in collective calls to oppose Israel unquestionably burdens the protected expression of companies wishing to engage in such a boycott.

Care to join a push for free speech? The ACLU of Arkansas can help.