The FBI “investigation” is done and the White House and Sen. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell seem intent on a schedule that will confirm the dishonest, nakedly partisan Brett Kavanaugh to a seat on the U.S. Supreme Court by Friday.  The investigation was a sham.

As The New Yorker notes, few witnesses were interviewed, including people anxious and volunteering to talk about Brett Kavanaugh’s dishonesty. Instead, Donald Trump and allies have mounted campaigns to discredit Kavanaugh’s three women accusers and to ignore the multiple occasions in which his dishonest testimony has been shown.


By his own professed standards — as shown in a video clip from a speech in 2015 above — Kavanaugh should be disqualified from service not only on the Supreme Court but in his current job as a circuit judge.

No matter. He’s made clear what has gone around will come around, with punitive rulings in support of Donald Trump politics from a seat on the country’s highest court. Unless a couple of Republicans stand up and all Democrats hold firm, an unlikely prospect. Two potential roadblocks, Sen. Jeff Flake and Susan Collins have proclaimed the review thorough and without new information.  That’s an assessment that’s undoubtedly true on one of two assertions.


By the way, the White House made sure the FBI review was limited.