The state Workforce Services Department today released what’s known as the “economic security” report on state ccolleges —  a compilation of employment rates and earnings for graduates of the various degree and certificate programs at state colleges and universities.

These reports are distributed to students in grade 7-12.


Here’s the summary. In short, the higher the degree the higher the earning.

My asterisk: I’d be surprised if deeper study didn’t find the usual correlation with economics. Students from higher income families and colleges with a higher percentage of students with higher income families produce better results than those from the lower end of the economic spectrum. That’s my guess anyway.


This link provides the breakdown for every public institution. It includes number of graduates and average pay in each major at each level of degree attainment.

I’d also add some people can’t afford to attend more costly residential colleges away from home. And also this: Some people choose low-income professions, even attain higher degrees to pursue them. I’m thinking journalism, among others.


Sen. Alan Clark sponsored legislation that produced this report.