Zero Mountain, a Fort Smith-based cold storage facility operator, announced today a $12.5 million expansion of the North Little Rock facility that opened in 2017.

Said a release:


Since opening in 2017, customer growth has precipitated the need to expand. Zero Mountain’s new 12.5-million-dollar expansion will add 86,000 square feet to the existing building bringing its total size to 5.8 million cubic feet, increasing Zero Mountain’s companywide footprint to 41.3 million cubic feet of combined blast freezing, shipping/receiving and storage space.

Most importantly Zero Mountain will be doubling our workforce; thereby providing more jobs to people in central Arkansas.  Zero Mountain Logistics will also be carrying loads out of the NLR facility.

I’ve asked the company for current employment figures. Its North Little Rock facility is at 1400 Gregory Street. The company serves such major food suppliers as Cargill, Butterball, Nestle, Tyson, Conagra, and Mars.

UPDATE: From a spokesman:


Currently ZM North Little Rock has 22 employees, they are expecting to increase that number to 45-50. Currently this facility does not have blast cells, but with the expansion 3 blast cells are included.