Now that the Supreme Court has reversed precedent and uphold a voter ID law virtually identical to one struck down in 2014, voters need to be prepared to show an ID so that their votes may count. There’s a theoretical provision to file a provisional ballot, but without assurance it will be counted.

The Pulaski County Election Commission sent the following notice on what qualifies as an acceptable ID. I have to laugh at the notion that those in assisted living facilities can truck on down to the secretary of state’s office to get a documentation of residency form. The information:


The November 6, 2018 General Election is quickly approaching. Early Voting starts on October 22, 2018, and we wanted to provide information about some important aspects of election procedure to inform the voting public about changes that have occurred since the 2016 General Election. The Arkansas General Assembly Act 633 of 2017, which requires voters to provide Verification of Voter Registration to cast a regular ballot when presenting themselves to vote.

❑ Verification of Voter Registration (VVR)

• An acceptable ID must be issued by the state of Arkansas, federal government, an accredited, post-secondary educational institution located in the state of Arkansas, or the County Clerk, and

• must contain the name and photograph of the voter.

• If you do not have a Photo ID, and cannot afford one, you can obtain a free Voter Identification Card at the Voter Registration Office in the Pulaski County Courthouse.

• In response to multiple inquiries, we would like to clarify that photo identification cards issued by municipalities are not accepted for the purpose of voting under Arkansas Law. This includes:

o municipal employee ID cards,
o Rock Region Metro cards, and
o Identification cards issued by municipalities to their citizens

❑ Examples of Acceptable Photo ID include:
• Arkansas Driver’s License
• US Passport
• State or Federal Employee ID
• Arkansas Concealed Carry Permit
• US Military Identification Card
• Arkansas Identification Card
• Voter Identification Card issued by the Pulaski County Clerk.
• Employee ID or Student ID issued by an accredited post-secondary educational institution located in Arkansas.

❑ Voters residing in long-term care or assisted living facilities may obtain a Documentation of Residency form from the Secretary of State’s office. When completed by the administrator of the facility in which the voter resides, the Documentation of Residency serves as a substitute for a Photo ID, for the purposes of voting.

❑ For further information, please contact the Pulaski County Election Commission at