The state Education Department has released letter grades assigned Arkansas schools based on standardized tests in 2017-18.

The schools may be searched at this link.

Said the release:

Both the 2018 ESSA School Index and Accountability At-A-Glance reports are available on ADE’s My School Info website. The Accountability At-A-Glance, a quick overview of each school’s state (letter grade) and federal accountability results, can be found on the My School Info page under the School Rating tab. For more details about each school’s data, please read the ESSA School Index report, which includes students’ weighted achievement and growth on state required assessments for grades three through 10, graduation rates, and school quality and student success indicators. Please follow these easy steps to access the school reports. 

I’d like to see these results divorced from single-letter grades for all sizes and shapes, a folly, and better analyzed as to where schools break expectations based on poverty levels and other factors, such as non-English speakers.