Democrats in the Senate have agreed to confirmation of 15 Trump judicial nominees so that the Senate may adjourn and members may go home to fight re-election campaigns. The action raises the question: What about Arkansas?

Federal Judge Leon Holmes took senior status, or judicial retirement, March 31. In times past, replacements have sometimes been in the mill before retirement date. So far, no announcement has been forthcoming about a choice by the U.S. senators in Arkansas to fill Holmes’ seat.

Several months ago, reliable sources indicated Circuit Judge Troy Braswell
of Conway was a favorite for the opening. Today, that handicapping seems no longer operative. If there’s a new favorite, I haven’t heard who it might be just yet.


Note: This isn’t the only Arkansas patronage position that’s gone unfilled. Almost two years into his presidency, the Trump administration hasn’t named a U.S. marshal in the eastern district of Arkansas. Obama-era appointee Clifton Massanelli retired and an acting marshal, Jay Tuck, is leading the office currently.

In addition to moving ahead previous nominees, Trump has just announced another wave of 13 appointees. All male by the way.