The Little Rock School District and Little Rock Education Association issued a brief joint statement today affirming that negotiations continue on a new contract to replace one that expires at midnight today.

State Education Commissioner Johnny Key had said earlier this week that he’d agree to a two-week extension for further negotiations. This followed his last-minute rejection of a contract agreement reached by Superintendent Michael Poore and the LREA. Key wants it stripped of the protection of the state fair dismissal law for teachers in 22 schools in Little Rock with D or F grades based on standardized test scores. He also wants the ability to ditch the agreement at any point he deems suitable.


The LREA opposes the loss of the personnel law protection for select teachers.

The Little Rock District news release said there’d be no comment by negotiators beyond this statement which formalizes the agreement to keep talking for two weeks.


UPDATE: Meetings ended today at 3:30 p.m. without an agreement.