Stacey McAdoo, a communications and AVID teacher at Central High School and the 2019 Arkansas Teacher of the Year, will deliver the Arkansas Education Association Rozzell Lecture from 6-8 p.m. tonight, Nov. 1, at CALS’ Ron Robinson Theater.

She wrote movingly this week in a guest column for the Arkansas Times about what it feels like to work for a school district under attack:


Every day, regardless of the political climate, level of support or negative and inaccurate press, I get up and fight for everyone else’s children — sometimes at the expense and detriment of my own. After I have completely given of myself intellectually, emotionally and physically, I leave work to fulfill my family and community obligations.

I’m not sharing this to paint myself as a martyr, because I’m not. But I am a taxed resident who financially pays into an educational system that currently has no local control. I am a professional who has not had a pay raise in four years. I am an employee whose workload has increased while her benefits and paycheck have decreased. I am a spouse in a household where our entire livelihood is directly connected to public education. I am a mother who pays more for her family’s health care as a public servant than I did as an employee of a private business.

This fight — this journey — has been exhausting, especially lately. I am tired. I am skeptical. I am scared. But make no mistake about it, I am 100 percent invested in the success and future of public education, including and specifically what happens to the students and educators in the LRSD.

More about her lecture and background from an AEA release:

McAdoo’s lecture, “Finding Your Voice: Empowering Educators and Students through Passion & Poetry,” will share her philosophy of teaching through art to engage students and help them find their passion. She will also share the stage with some of her students, for a poetry performance.

McAdoo is a writer, educator and an advocate of literacy. She has participated in several literacy/spoken word organizations such as the SanKofa Poets, Word Up! Poetry Troupe, and Foreign Tongues. Mrs. McAdoo is an Educator to Educator Facilitator with AEA, the AVID Coordinator at her school and a sought after arts integration presenter. In addition she has conducted various workshops and poetry readings at numerous schools, libraries, universities and cultural enrichment programs.

Author of Sweet Melanin Messages and Baring My Soul, Stacey is the sponsor of the spoken word youth collective called Writeous Poets and has served as the co-producer of the youth oriented poetry radio show entitled “The Writeous Hour.”

McAdoo holds a B.A. in Professional & Technical Writing, a Master of Arts in Teaching and is a distinguished public school educator. Some of her most recent awards include being named the University of Arkansas’ Distinguished High School Mentor, Marian G. Lacey/Little Rock School District Educator of the Year, Regional Arkansas Teacher of the year and the 2019 Arkansas Teacher of the Year.