Do not believe Republicans target only abortion in efforts to restrict women’s medical rights. They also want to limit access to birth control. Say, this would be a good issue to ask your Republican congressional candidate about.

The Trump administration is reportedly planning to try again to find a way to limit access to birth control under health insurance plans after earlier efforts failed in court. They want to allow corporations to be able to limit access to birth control pills not only for putative “religious” reasons of the corporation, but also for “moral” reasons. If you choose to have sex, it’s on you, sister.


The coverage of birth control by Obamacare was wildly popular, particularly among women. But some people just won’t be satisfied until they’ve imposed their religion or worldview on others

The Affordable Care Act generally requires employers and insurers to provide preventive health services at no charge. The Obama administration defined those services to include all methods of contraception approved for women by the Food and Drug Administration.

Under rules issued in 2017, the Trump administration expanded exemptions from the contraceptive coverage mandate, allowing employers to opt out if they had religious or moral objections. Judge Wendy Beetlestone of the Federal District Court in Philadelphia blocked the administration in December, saying the Affordable Care Act did not authorize such “sweeping exemptions.”

Judge Haywood S. Gilliam Jr. of the Federal District Court in Oakland, Calif., blocked the rules a week later. For a substantial number of women, he said, the rules would “transform contraceptive coverage from a legal entitlement to an essentially gratuitous benefit wholly subject to their employer’s discretion.”

Under the 2017 rules, he said, “more employers than ever before are eligible for the exemption.”

Groups that support women’s rights have vowed to continue the fight against Trump efforts to limit access to the pill.