POLITICKING: Eve Jorgensen with Will Bond working the crowd at the Hillcrest Harvest Festal Saturday. She was featured in the New York Times for her political work. Facebook

Here’s an open line, prepared but not posted last night. Trying again. Our feature this evening is from the New York Times, a article on the Year of the Woman, about candidates, organizers and activists energized after the 2016 election. An Arkansan is among those featured.

Polling suggests a developing gender gap, with women trending Democratic. I’ll let you figure out why. Moms Demand Action is prominently featured and that group in favor of sensible gun laws has been working across Arkansas fo their candidates.


Eve Jorgensen, the leader of the Little Rock, Ark., Moms Demand chapter, raised $10,000 at an event for Clarke Tucker, a Democrat running for Congress, hounding friends on Facebook and by text to show up.

She did a birthday fund-raiser on Facebook for him, and joined friends who started #LunchWithClarke, brown-bagging and donating the $10 they would have spent on lunch to Mr. Tucker’s campaign. “With MeToo and with gun violence and with Kavanaugh, we’ve seen that women really need to speak up and speak out,” said Ms. Jorgensen, who maps water lines for a large utility. “Unfortunately, I think you have to have money to play the game.”

One cause led to another. “You get on these lists, and they’ll say, ‘If you’re mad about children being held in prison, give here.’” Ms. Jorgensen said, “I’m like, ‘Oh yeah, I’m mad about that.’” She added, “In the South especially, the No. 1 rule is don’t talk about money and don’t talk about politics. Now we’re doing both.”