WAITING TO VOTE: Neither rain nor a line stopped these early voters at the election commission office in downtown Little Rock.

Well, the election season is almost done. Among final notes: Democratic candidates will rally at 8 p.m. tonight at the Bernice Garden on Main Street. And, tomorrow, Rock Region Metro is offering free bus rides.

On hand for tonight’s rally will be candidates for statewide office, including gubernatorial candidate Jared Henderson, and Clarke Tucker, candidate for 2nd District Congress.


Election day, all routes on Rock Region Metro will be fare-free in hopes of encouraging those who can’t afford a ride to the polls to use the bus. Said Charles Frasier, the bus system director:

“We’ll focus on sharing with riders ways they can access trip-planning tools, maps and schedules to ensure they know how to get to their precincts and take the opportunity to make their voices heard. It’s a great way to exercise your right to vote as well as check out the transit system if you’ve never tried it.”

Walk, ride, pedal, whatever. But vote. Also, my favorite Tweet of the week, from a UCA student: