WINS IN EL DORADO: Veronice Smith-Creer Magnolia Reporter

Thanks to Magnolia Reporter for news on a couple of notable mayoral victories in El Dorado and Camden. Both cities elected their first black mayors.

Veronica Smith-Creer beat Bill Luther 2,447 (50.38 percent) to 2,360 (48.58 percent), with independent candidate Trang My Lu receiving 50 votes (1.02 percent) to become El Dorado’s first black mayor. Smith-Creer is a Democrat; Luther a Republican.


My El Dorado source tells me that the Murphy family, whose oil company produced the fortune that is driving the development of the Murphy Arts District in El Dorado, quietly backed Luther in the race, characterized as positive and devoid of mudslinging.

Camden, too, elected its first black mayor. Julian Lott won a three-way race with 51 percent of the vote.