IN RUNOFF: Orman (left) and Webb. KNWA

A D.C.-Republican-group-backed candidate led the ticket for Bentonville mayor but faces a runoff.

Jim Webb led the ticket with 42 percent of the vote, ahead of Council member Stephanie Orman, with 40 percent.


This race drew my attention because of the unprecedented spending of more than $40,000 in the race by the Republican State Leadership Committee of Washington, a corporate-backed political group that discloses little about its finances in Arkansas and had previously been best known for spending more than $1 million to try unsucessfully to defeat Courtney Goodson in her race for re-election to the Arkansas Supreme Court.

Who got the RSLC into this race? Is it a good thing to have suspicious money from Washington deciding an Arkansas mayoral race. The RSCL spent more than other candidates combined. Perhaps we’ll see in the runoff. Webb also enjoyed broad support from businesses aligned with Walton family business interests in Bentonville.