UAMS announced today that it and Our House will announce a plan next week to help homeless pregnant women and families with young children get access to behavioral health assistance and other help to find stable housing, child care and work. Naturally, I thought about schools and the Johnny Key/Asa Hutchinson theory of why schools “fail.”

The UAMS announcement said:


About 30 babies a month are born at UAMS to homeless or near homeless mothers, many of whom struggle with mental health issues. 

Thirty a month. 360 a year. Many with mental health issues. (Not to mention issues with eating or staying warm or rotten teeth or a need for eyeglasses.)

If all goes well, those 360 will be enrolling in a public school kindergarten in five years, most likely in one of those D and F schools that tend to be found in the poorest, highest minority neighborhoods.


And Johnny Key and Asa Hutchinson will be standing by to blame those D and F schools on school teachers. Sure, the schools packed with homeless or near homeless children struggling with mental health issues will likely have high absenteeism. That’s another thing the school choice crowd likes to blame on the teachers, too. Or, more precisely, the teachers union.

Just ask Johnny Key. There’s no excuse for D and F schools except the teacher fair dismissal law.  Every school can be just like Forest Park or Roberts Elementary if only he could summarily fire teachers who won’t get off their lazy asses. Right?