MIDNIGHT PAY RAISE: His time is almost up, but Mayor Mark Stodola reportedly is seeking a pay raise. Brian Chilson

I’ve confirmed with a couple of city sources that Mayor Mark Stodola, who leaves office Dec. 31, is seeking a pay raise for his last month or so in office, a move apparently intended to increase his retirement benefits.

I’d already reported that Stodola contends he’s due payment for unused vacation and other leave time, an amount that will be at least $173,000 according to my most recent estimate.


A City Board vote would be required to raise Stodola’s pay and no ordinance is yet on file. He has not responded as yet to my question about specifics. I also have requested information on how city retirement pay is figured, but a key component of the formula is final pay. Stodola also has time in the state public employee retirement system because of years spent as a prosecuting attorney. He’s finishing his 12th year as mayor.

Stodola is now paid $160,000 a year. Under Little Rock’s government form, his pay is supposed to be “comparable” to that of the highest paid city employee. Not counting some independent agencies, such as airport and water, City Manager Bruce Moore is the highest paid at $191,000.