SOMEHOW: The story today about Jon Wood put me in ind of this classic movie.

All I know about this is the Tweet from Alex Caprariello, a reporter for KNWA, but it speaks for itself.

Jon Woods, the former Republican senator (and “European American”) serving an 18-year prison sentence in the Ecclesia kickback and related scandal, has joined a number of other inmates in a proposition for Donald Trump — put them to work building a border wall in return for suspended sentences.


If Trump finds out that Woods was the first and only Arkansas Republican legislator in the early going to endorse Trump, who knows what might happen? This might not be as nuts as it sounds.

Woods, who’s appealing his conviction, is in prison in Fort Worth.


PS: David Koon did some research on some of Woods’ would-be compadres on the border. He says these match up with some names on the letter.

* A participant in a murder. (Update: The convict notes in a letter that the charge described was not murder, but, as the linked news release indicates, accessory after the fact to a murder.


* A disgraced cop who participated in a mob’s drunken torture of a black man, which included shoving an ink pen into his ears and rupturing his ear drums.  UPDATE: The defendant at issue objects in a letter to being described in the original post as a racist. The court decision in the case says that racial attitudes were an element in the attack for which he and others were sentenced, but does not specifically identify him as one of those using racial epithets in the attack.

* Another murderer

* A heroin and cocaine smuggler

* A meth trafficker


Not to mention one of the most corrupt public officials in decades in Arkansas, Woods himself, a corporate toady, ethics abuser and engineer of some of the worst law in the Arkansas Constitution and lawbooks

Set him loose at the border? I prefer the caravan..

UPDATE: Surprise. Bart Hester says he doesn’t back the plan to help his ally in shipping money to Ecclesia. But Rep. Jana Della Rosa, part of Woods’ base, said she proofed the letter before Woods sent it to the White House.