Forty-four former U.S. senators, including David Pryor and Blanche Lincoln, have signed a letter published as an op-ed in the Washington Post warning of dangerous political times in the country.

The bipartisan group, noting the nearing conclusion of the Mueller investigation,  urges a defense of national interests over political ideology.


The letter opens:’

As former members of the U.S. Senate, Democrats and Republicans, it is our shared view that we are entering a dangerous period, and we feel an obligation to speak up about serious challenges to the rule of law, the Constitution, our governing institutions and our national security.

The letter — signed by 32 Democrats, 10 Republicans and two independents — doesn’t refer to Donald Trump by name. But the context is clear:


At other critical moments in our history, when constitutional crises have threatened our foundations, it has been the Senate that has stood in defense of our democracy,” the senators wrote. “Today is once again such a time.”

Politico likened the letter to the anonymous letter published in September in the New York Times, said to have been written by a resister within the Trump administration. Three months later, the author’s identity still hasn’t been established.