Former President Barack Obama has been rallying people to continue to sign up for health insurance coverage although a federal court ruling in Texas, if upheld, could spell the end of his signature legislation. Most important is his recitation of what the law provides (and what will be taken away from millions if the lawsuit decision sought by Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge is upheld.)

As the Washington Post notes in recounting an Obama Facebook post:


Obama highlighted what he calls the strengths of the legislation – young people staying on their parents’ plans until they’re 26, the coverage of preventive mental, preventative and contraceptive care, and women not being charged more for the same services.

No talking point, however, got more attention from Obama than the ACA’s protections for people with preexisting conditions. Without the ACA, 52 million Americans under 65 could see their insurance at risk due to a preexisting condition, according to a 2016 analysis from the Kaiser Family Foundation. The Post’s Sean Sullivan noted how Trump and Republican candidates vowed during the midterms to save protections for preexisting conditions, even though Trump’s administration also embraced the January lawsuit from GOP attorneys general and governors. This wasn’t lost on Obama, who mentioned preexisting conditions three times in his post.

“But all of this should also be a reminder that Republicans will never stop trying to undo all that,” Obama wrote. “If they can’t get it done in Congress, they’ll keep trying in the courts, even when it puts people’s pre-existing conditions coverage at risk.”

Republicans like Rutledge still talk — without any backup — about sustaining pre-existing coverage. Deeds are lacking. Actions to date have only been to ruin the expansion of health coverage for all Americans.