ABOVE THE ETHICS LAW: New Supreme Court justice.

The 10th Circuit Court of Appeals has dismissed numerous judicial ethics complaints against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh because the law exempts Supreme Court members, even for acts committed as a judge covered by the law. In short: the man known to his high school running buddies as Bart O’Kavanaugh is above the law.

Kavanaugh was accused of numerous improprieties including injudicious comments and lying to Congress. From the order:


“The allegations contained in the complaints are serious, but the Judicial Council is obligated to adhere to the Act. Lacking statutory authority to do anything more, the complaints must be dismissed because an intervening event — Justice Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court — has made the complaints no longer appropriate for consideration under the Act,” the order stated.

What goes around comes around, kegmeister O’Kvanaugh has said.

To commenters: Read the story. This case wasn’t only about sexual conduct and drinking allegations (many of which WERE corroborated by contemporaneous witnesses) but lies Kavanaugh apparently told about his work for the Bush White House on policy matters.