KARK/Fox 16 reports
that police are investigating a video on Facebook that shows two police cars joyriding by cutting “figure 8s” on a parking lot. It appears to have been taken outside a gym at University Avenue and Col. Glenn.

As a person quoted in the report notes, the police probably could have found time for more relevant police activity in the neighborhood.


If the investigation doesn’t produce a suspension or firing of the officers, details of the investigation will be kept under wraps. It would be nice to know the identities (and hometowns) of the officers, who remain on duty.

SPEAKING OF LRPD: Attorney Mike Laux has announced another news conference today about police tactics in drug raids:


December 18, 2018 at 10:30 am CST, Attorney Ben Crump and I will convene another presser regarding the LRPD’s continuing unconstitutional and dangerous practice of executing illegal “no-knock” drug raids. We will have new compelling video to share and also testimonial from a Little Rock citizen who was shot and very seriously injured during one of these reckless, ill-conceived raids.

We will also discuss the LRPD’s illegal seizure and continued retention of a DVR system which likely contains footage of illegality committed by LRPD narcotics officers.