BEING SOUGHT: Lamel Lamaong Yancey KARK

The State Hospital on West Markham Street reported that a patient escaped by scaling a fence today.

The release:


On December 19, 2018, at approximately 9:50 a.m., Lamel Lamont Yancy, eloped from the Arkansas State Hospital as he was being escorted to another area of the hospital. The patient scaled a 12-foot perimeter fence before staff could get him down. Staff immediately notified Arkansas State Hospital Police to begin a search for the patient. Surrounding police departments also were alerted to assist in the search. If anyone knows where Lamel Yancy is located they should contact the Arkansas State Hospital Police at 501-686-9212.

Court records indicate Lamel Yancy has been referred to the mental hospital for evaluation several times in recent years after arrests on a variety of charges. The most recent was in June, when he was committed for evaluation following an arrest on burglary and theft charges.