POLICE SHOOTING: The man at right was killed by police after he moved toward officers with a gun in his hand.

Rector police killed Gary Warbritton, 21, who reportedly pointed a gun at officers Wednesday afternoon outside a convenience store at Main Street and U.S. Highway 49, the State Police said.

State Police said:


At 3:47 PM the Rector Police Department was notified of a man walking along Main Street brandishing a firearm. As police arrived in the area, the suspect, now identified as Warbritton, reportedly pointed the gun at a police officer who fired his gun at Warbritton.

Warbritton fled the area and led police to the convenience store where officers reportedly attempted to persuade him to drop the firearm. Warbritton, again, pointed his gun at police, prompting one officer to fire his gun. Warbritton was pronounced dead at the scene. Police were not injured.

State Police will investigate the shooting.

NEA Report notes the shooting was captured on video. At the link you can view an edited YouTube video that shows an extended effort by officers to get the man to disarm and then the shooting as the man moves toward the officers.