LT. BRANT TOSH: Gets State Police suspension for rules violations.

Last month State Police Director William Bryant gave Lt. Brant Tosh of Jonesboro, commander of the Troop F criminal investigation division, a seven-day unpaid suspension for rule violations. The agreed action says Tosh also may not seek promotion for a year.

The complaint against Tosh dates back more than a year. He’s been defended throughout by his father, Republican state Rep. Dwight Tosh, a retired State Police captain.


The fact that Tosh was disciplined at all despite the political connection is noteworthy. Whether another trooper would have held onto a job given the facts established by the  investigation is another question.

Here’s the full file, including disciplinary, provided to me in response to a Freedom of Information Act request.


In summary, the report says a review board found:

Lt. Tosh used his administrative assistant for work unrelated to Arkansas State Police business during the time she was compensated by the state. He also used the services of the inmate assigned to ASP headquarters in Jonesboro for his personal benefit. Lt. tosh drove his state vehicle to a school board conference in Little Rock that was unrelated to agency business in December 2016. A Company F agent performed work on a boat belonging to Lt. Tosh during hsi work day on more than one occasion. It was agreed upon by personnel working at headquarters in Jonesboro that Lt. Tosh is typically present in the office approximately twenty hours per week.

Part of the allegations concerns work Tosh had done by agency workers related to his work as a member of the Valley View School Board.


A review board upheld complaints that Tosh, among others, didn’t properly record comp time for employees and used the State Police vehicle not only to attend a State Board of Education meeting but also used an agency truck to go to this farm for other than official business. He used his agency computer and e-mail for non-official business, including having a State Police administrative assistant enter birthdays of Valley View school employees and manage a 5K run. He also used his position to help a student get an age waiver for a driving permit; to get a State Police officer to work on his boat on state time; to get another officer to appear in uniform and use a state vehicle to escort a funeral of a friend and got a friend of a special agent to put a camo design on a golf cart without compensation.

The review board said Tosh, at a minimum, used poor judgment in the case of a work-release inmate used to do repair work on Tosh’s personal leaf blower and repair a daughter’s lamp.

The board also heard complaints about Tosh’s demeanor toward other employees. The review board report also noted Tosh had admitted a policy violation in an interview with a captain that he’d denied to the review board.

Tosh has completed his suspension and remains Troop F CID commander. The length of the investigation apparently stems in part from inquiries into additional allegations made by other employees. They are not part of the final report because Tosh chose to settle the case based on the initial findings of the review board last February.