From access to exclusive deals to a streamlined shopping experience, this app eases the everyday stresses of shopping for customers.

Long lists and even longer lineups can test the endurance of even the most seasoned shoppers. From hopping in the car, to finding a parking spot, to navigating through the crowds, shopping sometimes feels more like an extreme sport than it does an everyday task.

But there are ways to make shopping less of a headache. The savviest retailers know that making the shopping experience easier draws in more customers. Dollar General, known as one of the best stores in Arkansas to nab a deal, has taken the legwork out of shopping with their new app, DG GO!. It isn’t just a tech add-on — it’s a way to completely transform the shopping experience.


First off: no more waiting at the checkout line. Instead, DG GO! lets customers check out and pay securely in the app at participating stores. Shoppers can pocket that extra time saved and spend it on things that matter, like time with family.

The appeal of the app is clear the moment a customer enters the store. Using the smartphone’s camera, the app lets shoppers scan items to see prices and track spending as they go. This eliminates any unexpected surprises, as you know the exact total before you even reach checkout.


The app will also seek out additional discounts and promotions. That means shoppers aren’t only getting access to items at everyday low prices, but are also guaranteed the best price available. DG GO! will tell app users about extra savings they can take advantage of by scanning additional items, too. This means Dollar General shoppers can reap the rewards of a buy-one-get-one deal they might have missed otherwise.

It’s easy to lose track of coupons and mix up deals. This is where DG GO! comes in handy again. If customers aren’t sure whether a coupon applies to an item, they can scan it with their phone and the app will confirm. Long gone are the days of hauling a newspaper with you to take advantage of in-store deals.


Finally, customers get 10 percent off all Dollar General purchases when they shop through DG GO!*. This means more chances to check items off lists for less. Use the Dollar General store locator to pinpoint locations in the greater Little Rock area.

DG GO! transforms the shopping experience, from easily sticking to a budget, to finding unexpected deals in store, to checking out via the app itself. To use the app, simply download it for free from either the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. And best of all: no lines. That alone is enough to make the shopping experience something to look forward to.

*Discount available for a limited time only.


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