KARK reports on a Fayetteville student
sent home for refusing to take off a Confederate battle flag hoodie, worn as part of a social media campaign styled “history not hate.”

The school defended the decision.


The school says one student didn’t comply and was given an out of school suspension.

“We’re not trying to trample on their first amendment rights we’re just trying to have a safe and orderly school environment,” says Principal Dr. Jay Dosal.

“None of us are racist, none of us are doing it for hate it’s southern pride and we’re not going to take it off for anyone, it’s our flag, it’s Arkansas. This is the south,” says one student. 

Indeed. This is the South. All he was lacking for the perfect outfit was a MAGA hat. He also lacks history instruction. He could stand some familiarity with the documents that show Arkansas entered the Civil War — despite support for the Union in his part of the state — explicitly to preserve slavery. Not that any of the genial masters of the time viewed their slaves with anything but love and benevolence. (Sarcasm intended.)

All that’s missing is a right-wing PR firm to stand up for this entitled young man to turn media narratives around, a la the tomahawk-chopping, war-whooping young men from Kentucky. Perhaps Donald Trump can invite the Southern heritage victims in Fayetteville to the Oval Office, too.